Finally – a fellow 3D non-believer

imageWhen it comes to 3D TV, I have an opinion.  Sure, it’s a cool feature, but is it really worth all the hassle, additional expense, and inconvenience of viewing?  In my circle, people tell me I’m stupid, that I need to realize 3D is here to stay.  Well, I’m sure it will, as an occasional gimmick used for appropriate titles in film and for IMAX, but really, can anyone imagine everything being in 3D?

I can’t — and now I feel much better that Michael Gartenberg, in an opinion piece over at Engadget proclaimed, “3D TV falls flat for me.”  I couldn’t have said it better. 

Granted, the day when the same viewing experience is possible without the headwear, then it’ll be a great option for a Saturday evening 3D movie with a friend, and perhaps bring the Olympics and sports to life for the avid viewer.  Until then, it’s just a not-so-cheap gimmick.