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McDonalds Playland Houses in China

No, it’s not a playground next to a Ronald McDonald house, and it’s not in America — it’s a Japanese neighborhood designed by Arakawa & Gins, may have had a few too many gins when putting these together.   I guess for really cheap rent, and for a few laughs with the buddies after a few beers in one of the bumpy-floored rooms, it wouldn’t be too bad.

But not for me — it’s just too odd.  Next time you take a jaunt to Toyko, check out the Reversible Destiny Lofts.

Source:  YouTube via Gizmodo via Pink Tentacle via Inhabitat

New Billboards Target Users with Cameras

sMART_ADS Men and women respond to ads differently.  If it’s possible for a marketer to know who is going to view the ad, then it’s best approach would be to show the ad which will be best received by the viewer.  In Tokyo, according to a Smartplanet.com Article, Japan’s Digital Signage Promotion Project is testing digital signage which uses attached cameras to identify the users gender and age. 

On big and sexy 52″ displays, the public analyzing advertising platforms are currently being tested on 27 displays in subway stations in Tokyo.  With privacy ever a concern, they promise the images are not retained.

The demographic profiles are then cross referenced with time of day and an interesting traffic profile can be built, allowing non-targeted ads to display targeted that day-part demographic profile.

This ever increasing level of technology in marketing may allow marketers to further stretch their advertising dollar, with increased conversion the likely outcome — as well as higher ad rates!

Source:  SmartPlanet via Gizmodo