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Miami Biscayne Bay Time Lapse – Storms on Vimeo

Miami Biscayne Bay Time Lapse – Storms from Lonny Paul on Vimeo.

Playing with the camera, I decided to play with the time lapse, it was a pretty morning. Then, the clouds and storms started rolling in.

And no, it isn’t a waterproof camera. I am just stupid.

See it in HD: Miami Biscayne Bay Time Lapse – Storms on Vimeo

Robin Cook WebSeries: Foreign Body

Robin Cook: Foreign BodyRobin Cook is truly my favorite author. Tooling around Hulu today, I stumbed on a “webisode” of a new Robin Cook title – ‘Foreign Body.’ According to the series website, this series is a prologue to his soon-to-be released summer blockbuster, Foreign Body.

Partnered with Robin Cook and his publisher, Penguin Group, this web series is blazing new ground, bringing two different mediums together for the first time. Look for Foreign Body, the novel, to launch August 5. Leading up to the book launch, catch Foreign Body on a computer or mobile phone near you.

There will be 50 episodes, 2 minutes each airing 5 days a week Get all the back-story you need before the book hits the shelf. Foreign Body the series launches on May 27th and ends on August 4th just one day before the book hits shelves. The novels storyline will pick up from where the web series left off.

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