The Infamous "Double Yolk" – Hmmm

Tonight, for the first time in my life, I cracked and egg and out came not one, but two yolks! Yep, the infamous “double yolk.” This MUST mean something I said to myself so I have decided to write today about the folklore surrounding the “double yolk.”

Upon a peripheral review of the search results provided by Google, it seemed that there may be a correlation between pregnancy (and/or twins) and the double yolk. I read on looking for more. And I found too much.

“Eggs that have no yolk were considered to be very unlucky as they are traditionally believed to be laid by the cockerel, whilst an egg with a double-yolk was said to indicate an imminent death in the family. ” That sure isn’t what I was looking for, so I decided this site wasn’t for me.

The next search listing seemed interesting as well, but the story of “Twin Yolks & Twin Chooks” ended up being quite informative. This article explains the entire egg creation process, which I had never quite pondered, but now was thirsting for information.

Reading each of the FIVE regions which the egg passes through during creation was fascinating. I never really thought about “how” it formed or even how a hard calcium layer surrounds it – yet comes out of a chicken. I left much more educated, however nonetheless thrilled about my quest for the magic “luck” of the double yolk.

Turning to an Easter-themed site, I find: “The discovery of a double yolk within is cause for terror or celebration depending on which school of thought is followed — some say it presages a wedding, others a death. Once the egg is consumed, its shell must be broken up lest a witch use it to gain power over the person who ate from it. A witch might also make a boat from an intact shell, then set sail in it and wreck ships at sea. Discarded eggshells should never be burned because doing so will cause the hens to cease to lay.”

Okay, so maybe someone I know is getting married? What ever happened to evidence to support the pregnancy thing?

Over to an Angelfire hosted site provides more bad news: “a double yolk egg warns of an accident in your family.” Okay, now I’m concerned. I thought it was some kind of good luck thing, and here I am freaking because someone I know is going to get hurt or die? This is terrible.

The worst part.

I’m freaking. Why? Well, I’m sitting here on the computer trying my hand at what is called “Blogging.” It’s just the ramblings of some person crazy enough to post these random thoughts on the internet. We’ll – I’m one of them now. I want to do it, but I kinda wonder what people hear when they read what I write. It’s not just what I hear, but the reader may have a completely different perspective.

Aside from that, I am also freaking because of my surgery. You don’t know the details because you weren’t around a couple of weeks ago when I had it. Let’s just say it is now turning into a concern. Tomorrow I see the doctor. He’s a great guy, but he had an “emergency” on the day my surgery was scheduled. So his partner would do it. Well, his partner did it – but not like it was explained to me. After I’m in a robe, naked, on a table with an IV in me, he explains he thinks he’ll take a different approach – he doesn’t know what Dr. Kanter was talking about.

So he does it and did take a different approach. Now in addition to increased pain and not at all what I was expecting – plus a myriad of other conditions (hot flashes, sweats, chills, sudden cold symptoms) – make me a little nervous.


Because I just make a fried egg sandwich – you know the kind with mayonaisse and then dipped in ketchup! Yummm! But, when I cracked the egg into the pan, viola! double yolks.

So what’s gonna happen?

I don’t know.

NOTE: This was an email to a friend in Woodbridge, Connecticut in 2003. It was also my first “blog entry.”

  • Gillian

    Well, I am right there with you on the flip me out cuz it might mean a death in my family or injury to someone I love. Well, yesterday some of my friends from work were bugging me to make my famous cookies.. so this morning I woke up struggling (not wanting to bake) and went to the store got the ingredients and started on my cooking adventure. I was making a double batch so I need four eggs. After, cracking the first one it was normal but the second and third eggs were double yolked, and the fourth normal.. So from what I can remember as a child was double yolk ment pregnancy. (I knew it wasn’t me thank goodness for the shot) but I called my mom who was unavailable to talk to due to she is going back and forth between the hospital floors due to I have an uncle who was just diagnoised with a brain tumor (malignant) and my pop (grandpa) who is on another floor at the same hospital because he had a heart attack. After reading your post I flipped out here I have two people I love dearly in the hospital as it is fighting for their lives and I cracked two double yolk eggs. I started to do some research myself and went to a few websites. Majority of them said double yolks ment good luck or pregnancy. So, if it means me having bad luck and ending up pregnant over my family suffering from a death I hope the other sites are right. Good luck…

  • Hatta


    Around Christmas this year I was cooking up some eggie weggies and got a whole carton of double yolks. I checked the package to make sure they weren’t supposed to be double yolked and as they weren’t I went to the internet to investigate. Like you I didn’t like the tales of bad luck and thought that perhaps it meant fertility. The next week I bought a different carton of eggs from a different store and got another double yolk. Guess what? I found out a month later that I was indeed pregnant. Go figure. There must be some truth to that. Also, nothing bad happened and no one died.

  • Tedwards

    Ok, well.. I had NEVER cracked a double yolk egg before last week. I was making breakfast for my kids and the first egg was a double! I looked at my then fiance’ and said “some one is pregnant” then the next day he was making eggs for the kids and bamm! another one! WOW SOMEONE IS REALLY PREGNANT.. right??? That was Thurs. last week. We got married over the weekend and this week…. he again busted another one and so did I. So, now i don’t know whether or not to freak out because our family is goin on a cruise this week. OR SOMEONE- hopefully not me- is pregnant!!! I told this story to my sister in law yesterday and she told me the ONLY time she busted a double yolk was when she was pregnant with twins! Also, my other sister in law is pregnant.. but i already knew that.. so is she having TWINS??? Crazy!

  • butterfly

    I had a very strange experience. I opened a cartoon of eggs and all of them had two yolks. I called my Mom since i knew it was a sign and wondered if she knew what it meant. She said she didn’t. A few months later my Mom was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer and passed on. Before she did, however, our neighbor shot a raven and it fell right out of the sky right in front of our lawn. I knew this was a sign since I had read that the raven represented the medicine man/woman and my Mom was getting alternative treatments. I think we all have a time to transcend and we do but I also believe that there are signs to forecast this. Since my Mom’s passing she has been sending me lots of signs and I know that she is alive on a different dimension.

  • Kristybebe23

    Ok, so I cracked a double yoke today, first time ever. Thought it was so freaky I even took a picture haha. I didn’t eat it I was serving it to an elderly lady so I know she won’t be conceiving, well- ever. So does this myth of pregnancy does this point to me? I mean come on, really? Seems a little hocus pocus. And I refuse to believe anyone I love will be hurt. What do u think, guilable minds of America? Am I going to end up preggie or am I just falling for the divinity of the urban legend?

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  • Revreese

    Very interesting read thank you!
    I had a double yolker last night while making an omelette, I remember my friend getting one years ago, but this is my first!.
    I was pretty sure it just meant good luck, yet after reading this I am not so sure! we have had a lot of bad luck recently and are in desperate need of some good luck before our wedding next year!.
    So, you’ll forgive me if I just pick out the “nice bits”! on the plus side, I now know a hell of a lot more about eggs than I did half an hour ago! ;-)
    I got a picture of it too, what’s the betting there is a website somewhere out in the web where someone is collecting eggs or pictures of eggs or something? weird. Now I have to go see…..

  • chickenlover

    I have never bought a double yolker, but as I have chickens I sometimes get them. Not very often but, recently one of my chickens has been laying very big eggs! Soon I might get a couple.
    I don`t believe in all that good or bad luck stuff.

  • LiLY’S MoMMy

    I cracked a double yolked egg for the first time this morning making breakfast for my fiance before he had to leave for work. I am a little bit worried because I just had my first daughter 8 months ago today. And I am not really planning on another anytime soon. I told my fiance seconds after i cracked it about what i had heard about a double yolked egg myth and all facial expression melted off of his face and said to me with huge eyes and quivery voice that would be the worst thing that could possibly happen to us right now especially twins, and it kinda gave me chills the way he reacted when he said that to. Now what i am worried about is if it doesn’t mean pregnancy then the bad luck part would kick in and the pregnancy would be the bad luck.

  • valry

    i took a picture of my frying pan this morning because i cracked 3 eggs into it and all three were double-yolkers. i did food service for 10 years and only came across about 3 double-yolked eggs. this was the first time i saw it in my own house… and three all at once. of course i called mom and she told me i needed to look it up and see what it meant. i have two cousins expecting… maybe twins for them? but what about the third???? it was such a strange thing to see.

  • tina

    when i was 16 my sister cracked a double yolk egg and then i found out i was pregnant my daughter is 8 now then my mother in law cracked a double yolk egg and i was pregnant again but i had a tubal pregnancy in january. this morning my mom cracked a double egg…and i told her that means someone is pregnant .so she started thinking who it could be and she said i am the only one that can have a baby in our family.she was like when was the last time you had your period?Im supossed to start tomorrow so we will see and i will let you all know.

  • 1stbaby

    I cracked a double yolk egg yesterday while I was making a casserole to take to the brunch where I was going to be announcing my pregnancy to my family. My first ultrasound is next week, omg I hope it’s not twins!!!

  • CJ0101

    If found out I was 5 weeks pregnant last week! My fiance was cracking an egg last night and wham – and for the 1st time ever – a double yolk! We looked at each other in amazement both thinking the same thing – twins! Then this morning he goes for another one – plop – another double! I said this is too wierd and he told me to pick one! I picked one from the box and it was a single! He went for another and plop – another double! We were organising our wedding for next year before I found out I was pregnant which is still happening so the wedding theory may be true! When i have my scan I will update you all to tell you if the twin theory is true too!!!

  • Lisa V.

    About 4 days ago. I went to make breakfast for my kids and I, when i cracked open an egg it was a double. I was shocked!
    Then I opened another it was single. I cracked opened another one it was the same as the first one I opened.
    I knew there was a myth, but didn’t know what the myth was about a double egg. I started looking in the internet and I found
    this page. So if anything I could be preganant with twin’s and getting married. Bad thing is someone I love could past away…
    I’m thinking possitive and hope Iam pregnant, even with twins I would so happy.